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1.0 Executive Summary

TORITA was established officially in the year 2000 with the main objective of promoting, implementing and carrying out research into all GAP activities related to quality tobacco

production, curing, primary processing, environmental conservation and farming system. In recent years the TORITA Board of Directors has undertaken various structural and

institutional reforms, revised its strategies and established a number of processes aimed at improving tobacco research service delivery and the general welfare of its staff.

2.1 Vision and Mission Statement

The vision and mission statements of TORITA state as follows:-

1.1.1 Vision

To promote production of quality tobacco in Tanzania for a sustainable growth and development that improve income for women and men tobacco growers and other stakeholders through application of appropriate technologies, which conserve our renewable natural resources.

1.1.2 Mission

To undertake sound research activities in areas of tobacco production, pest and disease control, tobacco curing and processing and extend the results to the tobacco stakeholders, scientific community and be one of Tanzania’s and Africa’s preferred research organization.

3.1 Performance for the year 2008 - 2013

In its budget for the past financial years from 2007/08 to 2012/2013 the TORITA shows trends of improvement towards its research as a core function of TORITA. In the year 2003 as TORITA was still young its effectiveness was not to the standard as it had only four researchers. The trends show that as the number of researchers increased including other allied staff, the research efficiency improved. Currently has 12 staff and for 2015/16 expectation is to increase 15 more staff.

TORITA performance trend over the last three (3) years (2011-2014) has been reasonably good.

a) Investment in human resource The number of staff has increased from 8 in the year 2011 to 12 staff in the year 2014

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