The United Republic of Tanzania

Tobacco Research Institute of Tanzania (TORITA)


Dr. Jacob B. Lisuma
Research Director
Dr. Jacob B. Lisuma

Dr. Jacob BulengaLisuma is currently an employee of the Tobacco Research Institute of Tanzania (TORITA) under the Ministry of Agriculture in the position of Research Director since the beginning of the year 2011 in executing duties related to management, agricultural policy, research, monitoring and evaluation of research projects, fundraising and financial control. Dr. Lisuma is a Secretary to the TORITA Board of Directors, whereby he represents the Institute Performance to the Board of Directors on the best strategies to conduct research based on stakeholder requests. Dr. Lisuma is also a member of the Technical Committee under the Tanzania Tobacco Council. The Technical Committee is involved in advising Councillors on technical matters related to research findings, outsourcing inputs and breeding of tobacco varieties for tobacco production, and reviewing the cost of production. He is an expert in research and published several manuscripts on the safe use of agrochemicals, agronomy, soil fertility, linking soil fertility with bacteria, bacteria DNA extraction, nutrient adsorption, dynamics of nicotine in soils, etc. In addition, Dr. Lisuma has specialized in Life Sciences – Sustainable Agriculture (genomics), focusing interaction of soil fertility, rhizosphere and diversity of bacterial strains based on the 16S region. Based on his expertise in research and publication, Dr. Lisuma was appointed Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Modern Agriculture and Biotechnology (JMAB) from August 2021 to July 2024.
Dr. Lisuma has undertaken several international and local agricultural projects, including ILO/IPEC, South to South Cooperation Project (ABC)/Brazil-Tanzania, Vi Agroforestry, Soil Conservation and Agroforestry Project in Arusha (SCAPA) Tanzania, Rural Market Development Program (RMDP) Morogoro, Tanzania, and worked for too many agricultural firms/companies. Furthermore, Dr. Lisuma supervises postgraduate students, examines dissertations/theses, reviews manuscripts, serves as a member of various agricultural boards such as the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), and supports technical expertise to the Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority (TFRA).
Dr. Lisuma has experience in project design, planning, and implementation; he is also conversant with various information systems used to monitor and evaluate agriculture and child labour programs, including the Government of Tanzania Child Labour Monitoring System (GoT CLMS). An effective advocate for agriculture and child labour policies and standards, Dr. Lisuma, is also a well-rounded manager, overseeing field activities and building capacity among community and other organizations to ensure the sustainability of programs and policies. He has worked extensively on farm family well-being programs and other programs to support poor rural families and combat hazardous child labour in agriculture. In addition, he is a soil scientist and agronomist who has worked as a local extension officer and understands the needs of agricultural communities, including environmental conservation, soil science, and land evaluation. He has hands-on training and capacity-building experience and understands how to develop community programs to promote agribusiness skills. Dr. Jacob BulengaLisuma is a Tanzanian national with over 25 years of agricultural expertise with particular emphasis on commercial/food crops and Rural Marketing Development under corporate social responsibilities.

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