The United Republic of Tanzania

Tobacco Research Institute of Tanzania (TORITA)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Seedbeds should be elevated and not low lying.
  • Seedbed area should not be shaded by buildings or trees.
  • The soil should be fertile, friable, good texture and high in organic matter (humus).
  • If the soil is sandy, anthill soil can be incorporated to improve the water holding capacity and humus content

Instructions to prepare one standard bed 1.5m x 20m = 30m2

  • Cultivate the area with a jembe +/- 10cm deep.
  • Make up bed 1.5m x 20m x 10cm high.
  • Prepare and level as best as possible – avoid unevenness and indentations.

Recommended watering regime for “Mother Bed” tobacco seed germination

Tobacco seedlings can be transplanted on November to December.

Seedbed preparation starts on August to October depending the onset of rains